Sunday, March 10, 2013

Loud People vs Calm People

Loud people have been some of the most oppressed people in history. All their lives they have been shushed and silenced. What most don’t understand is loud people are not obnoxious individuals with only a desire for attention. Loud people have, in fact, the deepest personalities of all because they choose to express their emotions vocally with anyone and everyone who can hear them. Loud people have ecstatic energy that can only be released through the voice. When a loud person has something to share, they share it. Period. No vague, foggy commentary about the process of a formed opinion, like calm people. Why beat around the bush when you can proudly exclaim your beliefs? And why suppress laughter? An expression of joy and gladness should be boldly projected, not reduced to a weak smile. Loud people would never stifle a laugh. Loud people are the most common carriers of contagious laughter, and why shouldn’t they be? Hearty and deep in the soul is where loud people’s laughter comes from. Loud people’s laughter is the best kind of laughter. Calm people worry too much. They worry about bills to pay. They worry about wrinkles in clothing. Worst of all, they worry about the opinions of others. Why form your own opinion when you can adopt the opinions of others? Why think for yourself when you can simply avoid conflict all together? Why have a backbone? Calm people cannot comprehend the notion of free speech. Calm people loathe being in the company of loud people. They are so easily embarrassed by the sonorous voices of loud people. Calm people will frequently tell loud people to control themselves and lower their voices. What they don’t know is, loud people are precisely the ones that are in control. They know exactly what they want and they will tell everyone who has ears that they are going to get it. Calm people have no control at all. They are indecisive and uncertain, second-guessing everything, right down to which shoe they should put on first in the morning. This is why they have none of the control they seek. If the only difference between loud people and calm people is the noise, then we’ve been shushing the wrong people.

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  1. totally wrong in my eyes. i get what you mean of course but the way i see it is that loud people nee d to be over the top confident by being loud but it is really because they need attention and have to be the top person in the room, very often talking over or not letting anyone else tell their story, view etc because they dont want any one to steal their (lime light to cut a long story short)
    Calm people on the other hand are so confident that they actually dont need to try too hard they actually dont need anyone elses approval to feel better about themselves and actually see the world as it should be rather that being so vain to actually assume that people only want to hear the NOISY person so loudly ramming him or herself down everyone elses throat every time they are in public, talk about no manners maybe they may actually learn a hell of a lot more in life if they werent constantly starring in the "ME, ME AND MORE ABOUT FANTASTIC ME SHOW"!!!
    I think it is so rude but if used correctly in a clever and clear polite way making sure that everyone in the room was given a chance and that loud person talked about good kind positive issuses ( rather than aggressive sarcastic narcastic put downs or condescending manners) sadly this is often the case, then the world and our race could start to connect in a good way and look out for one another instead of stepping on each other to be the best. We are all in this world together and need to work as a team we are all equal and need to love each other as we are.
    The spoken word is stronger than you realise!!